About Rhodes

The island of Rhodes is located northeast of Crete, southeast of Athens and just off the Anatolian coast of Turkey. Rhodes’ nickname is The Island of the Knights, named after the Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem, who once conquered the island. Rhodes, the largest of Greece’s Dodecanese islands, is known for its beach resorts, ancient ruins and structural remnants of its crusades-era occupation by the Knights of St. John. Rhodes City features the medieval Street of the Knights and the castlelike Palace of the Grand Masters, once a Turkish prison and now a museum. The city’s bars, clubs and cafes bustle during high season.

Rhodes has a hot-summer Mediterranean climate.

Area: 544 mi²

Island group: Dodecanese

Population: 115,490(2011)


Rhode Island has a humid climate, with cold winters and short summers. The average annual temperature is 50°F (10°C). At Providence the temperature ranges from an average of 28°F (–2°C) in January to 73°F (23°C) in July.


Rhodes is a generally safe destination. There are a few things to look out for. In the early 2000s the resort town of Faliraki became infamous for the lewd behavior of young, drunk, mainly British partiers attracted to the cheap alcohol and large numbers of small nightclubs. A string of crimes committed by these young tourists against locals, as well as against other tourists, gained national attention in the summer of 2003; they ranged from vandalism to serious acts of violence. Following this the local Police increased their presence to successfully crack down on such behavior – zero tolerance of bad behaviour is now in place. Expect a night in the cells and some heavy handed handling from the commando trained officers. For families with young children the best times to visit would be daytime even up to 10PM local time when the clubbers tend to come out en masse. Taxi drivers will sometimes turn off their meters and charge an arbitrary amount at the destination. Make sure they don’t do this. Also inquire after the approximate price.

Getting Around

By bus: All public bus lines radiate from Rhodes town and reach almost every relevant place throughout the island. The main bus terminal in Rhodes city is the Neá Agorá (New Market). Buses run by both companies stop there, but ticket booths, as well as timetables and prices, are distinct. Rhodes town lines are run by Roda, but have a separate stop, along Mandraki sea promenade, across the street from the new market. Tickets can also be bought in the bus from a cashier or directly from the driver. Keep your ticket until the end of your voyage. The price of a bus ticket will depend on the destination.

By taxi: Taxis on Rhodes are dark blue with white roofs. There is a list of expected maximum taxi charges you can obtain from the tourist information office. You can radio a taxi via telephone number +30 2241 069800. Between midnight and 5 AM you will have to pay twice the normal rates. You can book ahead to avoid delays at high traffic times such as weekends.

By Bicycle, moped and motorcycle: Motorbikes and mopeds are popular alternatives to cars. Especially mopeds are frequently used by local youths and can go to many places that cars cannot go – for example the twisted narrow streets of Rhodes city. If you start a day-trip with a moped, make you sure you do so on a full tank, as gas stations are sometimes hard to find. An extra stop at a gas station can save a lot of nerves. When renting a moped, check if the profile of the tyres is ok and if the brakes work properly. If it is the last vehicle in store, be suspicious – it could be the one that needs a repair badly.

By car: It is not worth the hassle to bring your own car to the island, although it is in theory possible. You can rent a car at the airport or via any hotel and at many local dealers.

Popular car rental: SixtKayak, Rodos Cars.



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Late Rooms



Top Beaches

St Pauls Bay

There are two beaches in the bay. The large beach in the southern end is a manmade beach with golden sand. The smaller beach at the northern end of the bay is a mix of sand and gravel.Facilities at both beaches include sun loungers, sun shades, toilets and a café. Parking is possible close to the beaches. The beaches in St Pauls Bay are relatively uncrowded and very relaxed.

Anthony Quinn Bay

Natural stone surfaces ideal for reclining under the sun, pine trees reaching down to the water’s edge, emerald green water – Anthony Quinn certainly showed impeccable taste when he fell in love with its miniature bay. The beach is known today by the actor’s name since he bought this part of the island when filming “The Guns of Navarone” here.

The waters owe their deep emerald colour to the kush green vegetation which surrounds the beach. It is one of the most beautiful beaches on Rhodes. It’s mostly popular with young people – especially Italians – since the sharp rocks both in and out of the water are not ideal for families with young children or elderly people. You will find people here only in July and August – during the rest of the year the water is so much too cold for most people.

Tsambika beach

Tsambika (or Tsampika) is one of the most beautiful beaches on Rhodes. A long, broad beach with fine, golden sand and dozens of colourful little flags marking out the various eating establishments and beach sports centre. Apart from these, and a mini-market next to the bus stop, there is absolutely nothing else here – nothing except crowds of people of all ages and nationalities, who come to swim in the emerald crystal-clear water and admire the imposing rock with the Monastery of the Virgin of Tsambika (or Tsampika), from which the beach has taken its name. The virgin of Tsampika is said to work miracles and young woman having diffi culty in conceiving often pray for her aid. If their prayers are answered, they name the child after the Virgin.

Agathi beach

It is a beautiful, sheltered, cosy beach, and the only sign of civilization are its canteens, all of them offering more or less the same food – fried eggs, English breakfast, sandwiches, burgers, salads, French fries and souvlaki. To get to the beach, follow the signs from Haraki (10 minutes along a passable dirt road). Half way along the road you come upon the mediaeval castle of Feraklos. Al canteens at the beach rent out sun beds umbrellas and have toilets and showers.

Stegna Beach

The beach is located just 500 meters along the road from Archangelos, and is the ideal bathing place for the local villagers. These make up most of the bathers on the beach, along with the visitors staying at the hotel. An ideal location for those seeking relaxation. Sand and pebbles, a kiosk, water sports, a few tavernas and rooms for rent.

Lindos beach

One of the most popular beaches in Rhodes and very popular with families.  The beach here is wonderfully sandy with the clear blue Aegean lapping at the sand.  Watersports are available here for the kids and there are a few Tavernas and restaurants to keep you fed and watered.  Wonder around the corner of the bay and you will find a shallow inlet which is perfect for snorkelling and bathing.

Kalathos beach

A wonderfully golden sandy beach on on the south east coast of Rhodes just 50km from the capital. The beaches here are very clean and the waters crystal clear.  There are sunbeds and umbrellas available for daily hire and a beach bar to quench your thirst throughout the day. This is one of the most popular beaches in Rhodes.

Ladiko beach

This beach is formed in a small cove and the temperatures here rocket in this secluded bay, with only a handful of umbrellas and sunbeds for rent the beach never feels too busy.  The waters here are perfect for snorkelling and fishing and you can have a very relaxing day on this beautiful beach.

Ixia beach

A mainly pebbly and shingle beach situated on the west of the island not far from the capital.  Due to the high winds which attack the west coastline daily, especially around the hours of 6-8PM you will find this beach perfect for windsurfing and kite surfing.  The beach of Ixia is a mecca for surfers from around the globe and locally and is great if you have older children who want to try windsurfing for the first time.

Haraki Beach

Situated next to the tranquil fishing harbour, the beautiful Haraki beach offers nice views and relaxation. Parts of this beautiful beach are sandy, while other parts have pebbles. The water is crystal clear and clean. Beach services include sun beds, umbrellas, showers and toilets. Parking is for free in the streets close to the beach.

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